The Bohemian


37 x 16 x 18 cm

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Pascale and Dominique loaded the car with fruit, books, brushes, tubes of oil paint, canvases and an old easel. They went out without any specific direction with the sole desire to find a beautiful landscape to contemplate and to reproduce as a painting.

In the back seat, ‘Aramis’, the dog, jumped for joy on the tubes of oil paint, spraying paint in a ‘happening’ of colors. From the left front wheel came a strange noise, the suspension was in a sorry state, the car paint, rusted and cracked, was a pale reminder of the original color.

The body had suffered over time and had a few good dents, but the engine … ah the engine, with its characteristic musical purr, a feast for the ears, something sublime, magical! What else could we ask?  Total happiness!

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Afmetingen 37 × 16 × 18 cm

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