The Teacher


21 x 18 x 42 cm

Artikelnummer: F085531



For the third time that day, the Principle of the “Sacred Heart” school went to make a little visit to the class of Miss Liliana Pérez, the most attractive teacher at the school.  Once again the students stood up and greeted the Principal in loud voices, “Good morning Mr. Principal.”  “Alright, alright, that is enough,” he said, a little embarrassed.  “Well…..I was just passing down the hall and I thought you might need something. You do not need some chalk, a thumbtack, a little tube of glue?” . “No thank you … it is very nice of you,” answered the young woman blushing a little.  “Fine, if you need the slightest little thing Miss Liliana, do not hesitate to call me, OK?” said the Principal leaving the classroom.  “Goodbye Mr. Principal!” cried the students as they jumped up having let some books drop on the floor.  “Fine, fine, OK, OK….let’s stop with the greetings!” said the Principal a little bothered as he disappeared into the hall.

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Afmetingen 21 × 18 × 42 cm

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