The Military Patrol

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34 x 19 x 16 cm

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Division General Ed needed to arrive at exactly 1700 hours to the Field Commander’s meeting which was to be at battalion camp 121, just 2 km from the 38th parallel.  He assigned Sergeant Dominic Gravelat to carry out the important mission of driving him safely to the meeting and choosing the most secure path through the mountains.  He had to avoid at all cost, a face to face encounter with the enemy who could be hiding in this inhospitable area.

The only problem was that Sergeant Gravelat, without knowing, had sat on the GPS and completely destroyed it.  Luckily he found a map in the glove compartment which should have saved them from the unfortunate predicament…….if it hadn’t been in Korean.  At 2300 hours, the 2 helicopters, the 3 jet fighters, and a commando of 50 GIs who had been sent out to search, had not found them yet.

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Afmetingen 34 × 19 × 16 cm

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